Original Review of Rosati's Pizza
6644 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI 53705 - 608-833-9300
Dates: 09-16-05 & 10-14-05

Rosati's is probably best known for their pizza. Besides excellent pizza, they also have an extensive sandwich menu. We were happy to discover that they also serve Chicago Style Vienna Beef Hot Dogs (with casing). Their poppyseed buns are excellent and probably the best in town. Their onions are fried and have a slight oily taste, but does not detract from the overall taste of the sandwich. Our Dogs did not contain a pickle spear, but were topped with three round pickle slices. Their peppers are excellent! We really enjoyed their fries. If you order your Dog with "everything", it will even include ketchup. So, if you want the true Chicago Dog experience, ask for it without ketchup.

Since their business is primarily take-out and delivery, there is no place to sit except for some benches outside. The owner, John is from Chicago and is very friendly. Their price is definitely a bargain at $3.49 including fries. We should also mention that if you like Italian Beef sandwiches, Rosati's is the place to go. Don't miss out on their "Madison Cheef".

DOGS: 7.8

Overall: 4   

Recommended: Definitely