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Welcome to the Hot Dog Chicago Style Website!

Do you love Hot Dogs? If you answered "Yes", you have come to the right place. Hot Dogs are served and cooked many different ways throughout the world, but nothing compares to the perfect Chicago Dog.

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We are no Longer Opressed by the Man!
The saga of the little guys against the ketchup giants continues. Click Here to read the full story.

Dogs are Good For You...Especially when your Favorite Team Loses
It is scientifically proven that eating Chicago Style Dogs cures the depression felt when one's team loses. Note: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Eating Chicago Dogs is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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Let us know and we will add it to our review list. Click Here to suggest a place.

Go Bears! Go Cubs! Go Sox! Go Bulls! Go Blackhawks! Go Fire!
Congratulations to the Blackhawks on their quest for the Stanley Cup!  Even though this year is sometimes rough for Chicago sports teams and their loyal fans, we would still like to congratulate all our teams on a wonderful season! We are proud that Hot Dog Chicago Style helped people all over the United States kick-off their Stanley Cup, Super Bowl and World Series playoff parties with Chicago Style Hot Dogs. Visit our "Make Your Own" section and learn how to create a Chicago Dog. We wish all our favorite Chicago teams the best and hope for a great season.

Cece's Kitchen
We were recent guests on Cece's Kitchen, an internet talk radio show. A special Hello to all of the fans from Cece's Kitchen who are visiting us. Click Here for information about the show.

Road Trip to Chicago
We are planning our next trip to Chicago to do reviews of Chicago's finest.  Help us plan our future visits. If you know of a great place we should review, please let us know. Click Here to suggest a place.

Baseball, Hot Dogs...
Hot Dogs are certainly one of America's favorite foods and has a long-lasting association with Baseball.  Who doesn't remember going to a Baseball game as a kid and eating a Hot Dog.

Not long ago, we wanted to take our kids to a Chicago Cubs game, but the summer ran away from us. Although we never did make it to the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, we did go to an Arizona DiamondBacks game while on vacation. Since this was the kid's first major league baseball game, we decided to give them the true baseball experience and hand over the the "big-bucks" for over-priced Hot Dogs. I am not so sure they remember much about the game, but they will always remember the "colorful" vendors and certainly never forget their first time eating a Hot Dog in a real baseball stadium.

As Good as it Gets!
Chicago Style Hot DogA good Hot Dog can be a thing of beauty and a stupendous culinary experience, but the Chicago Style Hot Dog has been described as the quintessential Hot Dog. Years ago, Sinead O'Connor had the hit song, "Nothing compares to you". We like to believe that she was singing about her love for the Chicago Dog.

We are often asked why we created a website dedicated to the Chicago Dog. The answer is simple, we are passionate about our Hot Dogs and want to share that passion with you. After browsing through our site, we sincerely hope that you too will agree that nothing compares to a Chicago Style Hot Dog.

As transplants from the Chicago area, we truly miss the plethora of Hot Dog places. We currently live in Madison, Wisconsin and are conducting a search of the area for the perfect Chicago Style Hot Dog. We are locating and reviewing every place in the Madison area that serves Chicago's best. We also plan on reviewing places in Chicago. If you think you know where you can get the quintessential Chicago Dog, please let us know and we will try to do a review.

Believe it or not, you can create a superb Chicago Dog in the privacy of your own home. Don't miss our "Make Your Own" section for instructions on creating this culinary delight.  We will tell you everything you need to know from where to buy the ingredients to how to assemble your Dog.

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Well, we now have a blog all about hot dogs.  We do not write the blog, but our friend Jessamine graciously offered to do all the blogging work.  Jessamine is a Technical Writer at the company we work for.  Jessamine lived in the Chicago area for many years and is no stranger to Chicago Dogs.  Click Here to check out her Musings.

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Legal Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any cravings you may have. Please be forewarned that the Chicago Dog may be least we hope so!


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